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WiFi Electromagnetic Pollution: Up Close & Personal

"WiFi Electromagnetic Pollution:
Up Close & Personal"

Savitri Bess and Yeoman Gardener*

A writer friend, Yeoman Gardener, and I collaborated on this WiFi piece; we’re featuring it here and at her blog.*

Yeoman's Introduction:
After long New England winter of snowshoes and crampons, daffodils are in bloom! And that's not all that's popping up. Even in the back of the beyond, WiFi has become the must-have du jour. Locals clamored for access, and wowie-kazam, an 18th century church steeple now sports an oblong WiFi doodad, jutting from the belfry.

Telecom builds without oversight, and we buy, buy, buy. A marriage made in heaven, right?

Certainly, free connectivity with the world is thrilling. Although it’s an interconnectedness dependent on WiFi hotspots and viewing screens, it’s also a transformative metaphor set in motion, even if the grid were to go down.

We now see or remember that minds resonate, catch fire, and roar like Niagara, in contact with one another and energies larger-than-self. There is much to celebrate as we enter times of solar and galactic energies beyond the norm.

Down here on earth in day-to-day living, is WiFi safe? Is the US even asking?

We’ve scurried along, lab rats in a maze, on the greatest biological experiment in human history—electrosmog 24/7—an experiment bigger than the bankster-bailout, that greatest wealth transfer in human history. Savvy consumers, or docile lab rats and serfs?
The Why-Fry debate is much more heated in Europe. I decided just to link, and not to post this graphic found on a Czech site, as it’s disturbing, but does give the brain cells a jolt about the relative safety of EMF-emitters

Many towers are now being camouflaged in flagpoles, obelisks, faux-trees. What we don’t notice can’t hurt us? And for the guffaw of the day, here’s a Hawaiian palm in Kona necklaced with electronic beamery:

Savitri’s Up Close and Personal

Has WiFi been messing with your ability to alphabetize? Done any dyslexic number-jumbles lately? How about short-term memory loss embarrassments? Gone flying off the handle for no good reason, speaking of embarrassments? Had a headache from hell in the midst of it?

All that from WiFi? Come on; sounds absurd.

What if I were to tell you that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from your WiFi, and your cell phone, cordless phone, nearby cell tower, and TV’s are sending out gazillions of invisible and mysterious, pin-like frequencies piercing your skin, your brain and nervous system? Waves which impair mental and physical capacities.

“Oh, sure,” you might say, “why don’t I feel it then, huh?”

EMF symptoms are cumulative. Sneak up on you without your awareness. You begin to feel that an impaired state of being is “normal.” 30% of the world population experiences the symptoms, but don’t realize what’s going on. Only 3%, the “canaries in the coal mine,” feel it in debilitating ways, at this stage of the EMF electromagnetic game.

I turned out to be one of the canaries. I had been known, over the two years I worked in a church office, as a high-functioning secretary, very much on point. Gradually I found myself confused, unable to alphabetize the church directory, leaving important information out of the Sunday bulletin, and doing off-the-wall typos, like “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Boast.”

It turns out that the town where I worked is blanketed with WiFi, sending out 24/7 EMF to everyone, like it or not. A friend fortunately identified my symptoms; his office used to be right next to an internet cafe. His medical doctor was appalled at his symptoms of impairment, and advised that he move his office out to the country.

I listened to his story, but hoped I could recover from the WiFi-symptom build-up on weekends, which did seem to work for awhile, though my weekends were blotto while recovering. Over a year’s time, I invested in shielding-antidotes to office EMF and town WiFi.Despite my best efforts, the day came that I simply was too stupefied and headachy to work, and quit my job.

Studies about the dangers of being exposed to EMF have been conducted for years, since in fact the 1930’s. And why has this not been front page news? Funds for US studies are generally doled out by the WiFi and cell industry, never mind government, an interesting selection process. Corporate scientist-handpuppets produce research often at odds with independent findings, especially from Sweden, UK, Canada, and Russia.

Paul Brodeur, in his book The Zapping of America, writes: “During World War II, Soviet scientists had taken complaints of headaches, eye pain, and fatigue on the part of Russian radar workers seriously enough to conduct full-scale investigations of them, whereas in the United States similar complaints had been dismissed as ‘subjective symptoms’…

“Soviet investigators found that in addition to headache, eye pain, and weariness, workers undergoing prolonged exposure to microwaves complained of dizziness, irritability, emotional instability, depression, diminished intellectual capacity, partial loss of memory, loss of hair, hypochondria, and loss of appetite.”

Yes…the Soviets took serious note, but the USA did not. Why not? The USA made a different sort of decision: Vested interests in war and industry took precedence over the well-being of soldiers and workers. (Shades of “Erin Brokovich” and PG & E).

During the Cold War, Soviets checkmated the US denial about microwave dangers, and beamed EMF into the US Embassy. When the plot was uncovered, the US, to save face, assured their employees that there was no danger, even after children had come down with leukemia, sixteen women diagnosed with breast cancer, and two ambassadors had died of cancer.

We can guess at the state of efficiency of the rest of the embassy—emotionally volatile, mentally impaired employees in various stages of EMF instability, unable to focus or remember a phone call from a few minutes ago.

Today EMF-based industries are mushrooming, unchecked—cell towers, WiFi antennae; Blue Tooth and cell phones in pockets next to reproductive organs, or stuck to ear next to brain. It’s rare to find a library without WiFi installed.

Meanwhile, I needed an official diagnosis, so I went to my doctor and handed her the World Health Organization’s official description of symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. She examined the list, and said, “A lot of people come in with some of these problems, like hair loss, fatigue, itching, pain in the eyes, dizziness, and we can’t figure out what’s wrong. Our tests don’t show anything.”

The one known option that Yeoman Gardener and I have read about or been told, is to get away from the source. We will put up another post about ways we’ve investigated to heal the problem, though for many, it means moving to the country.

After a few days away from the EMF emitters, headaches, disorientation, anxiety and other symptoms do subside, however, it may take several months for the brain to feel relatively vibrant again.
Imagine our governments’ mandating WiFi and cell technology, without the slightest certainty that it is safe. Think of it. Our country okay’d the use of DDT, until Rachel Carson blew the whistle, that it was destroying all of nature and ultimately our ability to farm edible produce.

So here we are, most of our population walking around with cell phones in our ears, totally unaware of the environment—wind in pines, reflection on lake, sound of first robin of spring. Without realizing what’s wrong, we lose focus, and feel out of touch, depressed, forgetful. Numbed-out-dead while presumably alive.

Yeoman's Conclusion:
The Obama presidency has expressed a willingness to get science back on track, as a source of independent R&D. This would mean questions can be asked by scientists without threat of reprisal for "wrong" answers.

The EU is questioning ever-increasing electro-smog from cell towers, WiFi and military. Is it safe for living things, us humans included? Has the US even posed that question?

European research says, no, it's not safe. Rampant EMF has caused cancer clusters, loss of well-being, deterioration of mind. Some researchers are uneasy and wonder if children and teens, so constantly exposed to cell phones, video toys, and now WiFi in schools, may be at risk for early senility.

You read that right, early senility—the "greatest biological experiment in human history" may = timebomb ticking. Medicare beware.

US research is funded by industry and military. How helpful to humans are there reports? How much motivation, you figure, in those quarters and boardrooms for reporting any risk which would imperil their agenda?

EMF health hazards reported in science journals abroad go unreported by US media.

Before providing WiFi to the entire Eastern seaboard, how about if we first determine if it's a military-industrial good, or a human disaster in the making?

Florida's EMS (Electromagnetic Sensitivity) Month, May 1009:

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